The Cigarette Girl Limited Edition Package contains:

  • An autographed DVD copy of Cigarette Girl in 5.1 surround sound and stereo
  • A CD of the original motion picture score by Jonathan Kirkscey
  • Director's Commentary by Mike McCarthy
  • Access to online bonus features
Online bonus features:
  • Behind the scenes production photos
  • Sketchbook art from director Mike McCarthy
  • Short films featuring the stars of Cigarette Girl
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In 2035, smoking is illegal except in the dystopian, nicotine-stained Smoking Sectioncontrolled by the Vice Lord. Cigarette Girl, all underwear, curves and va-va-voom, sells cigarettes on the black market, while struggling to kick her own habit. Three days later, haunted by the ghosts of her addiction, Cigarette Girl discovers... she'd kill for a smoke.